Ideas for using Edmodo

Found a really great Google Doc that has a plethora of ways to use Edmodo in the classroom.

With this being a “safe” version of Facebook, I know my students really enjoy the use of Edmodo as part of the technology we use in our classroom.  There is bound to be an idea of two on this comprehensive list you will be able to use in your classroom too!


~ Life-Long Learners ~

As an educator, my goal is not to just teach children – it’s to teach learners how to learn, regardless of age.  In today’s technology-driven learning environments, technology plays a vital role in the learning process.  Children are more flexible than adults with this technology because it is something they were almost “born” knowing how to use, whereas adults are a little inflexible when it comes to technology because it can be foreign to them.   Remember your first experience with computers…. “Are you sure you want to terminate the program?” Was anybody else intimidated by the word “terminate!?!”

What are some ways educators can help each other make time for technology ?

* Set aside time once a week to collaborate with each other as a school on the ways technology is being used in other classrooms

* Advocate for training on the newest technology items within the school (I remember the first time I held in I-pad… it was given to me to use within a lesson….. I’d never held one before, because I make a NC teacher salary and can’t afford an item like that LOL!)

* Keep a positive attitude when working with technology – sometimes the server is down & that’s okay!

* As a grade level team, seek out ways to use technology within lessons you have taught for years and could do with your eyes closed.

* Don’t be afraid to ask for help from technology facilitators, curriculum coaches, and younger teachers (who might possess more tech knowledge)


Cannistraci, L. (2011). The Value of Instructional Technology in a K-12 District. Distance Learning8(1), 9-16.

Blogging in the classroom!

Today’s students are connected via technology more than any other generation.  Using technology in the classroom is a great way to get students interacting in a way they feel comfortable.  Using blogging as an educational tool reinforces typing skills, communication through written language, organization of thought, and when reading other’s blogs, helps with fluency and comprehension.  In addition to core curriculum standards, web-etiquette and healthy social interactions are also covered!  Sounds like lots of standards are covered with a simple blog post!

– Easy ways to use a blog within the K-12 classroom – 

~ use it in place of your weekly newsletter

~ share photos of in-class projects, field trips, assemblies, etc

~ use it to add links that you want students to access throughout the year

~ post questions/prompts that solicit an extended response – for example: Tell us about your favorite vacation in 5 or more sentences.

~ Encourage home/school connections by inviting parents to be a part of your blogging community



Peters, R. (2009). Hooked on Classroom Blogging. Learning & Leading With Technology, 36(6), 26-28.